Biological Sciences Faculty



Arturo Andrad

Arturo Andrade
Neurobiology of pain and anxiety, voltage-gated calcium channels, human genetics, comparative transcriptomics, neuropharmacology

Carrie Hall

Carrie Hall
Ecology and Biology Education 

Alan Baker

Alan Baker
Ecology and behavioral biology; limnology and phycology

James Haney

James F. Haney
Ecology and management of lakes; lake food webs and biotoxins

Patricia Bedker

Patricia D. Bedker
Education and animal science

Larry Harris

Larry G. Harris
Analysis of predator-prey associations; studies of the impact of invasive species on marine benthic communities; research on the ecology and aquaculture of sea urchins

David Berlinsky

David L. Berlinsky
Aquaculture; fish physiology; reproduction

Dan Howard

Daniel Howard
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Animal Behavior, Neuroethology, Insect Ecology

William Berndtson

William E. Berndtson
Male reproductive physiology; artificial insemination of farm animals; spermatogenesis

William H. Howell

W. Hunt Howell
Fisheries biology; ichthyology; aquaculture

Jessica Bolker

Jessica A. Bolker
Development, evolution and their intersection; fish development; philosophy of biology

Lee Jahnke

Statistics; Land cover change; social-ecological systems; urban ecology - See more at:

Lee S. Jahnke
Plant physiology and biochemistry; chilling inhibition of photosynthesis at the molecular level

Elizabeth Boulton

Elizabeth P. Boulton
Equine surgery

Patricia Jarema

Patricia Jarema
Statistics; Land cover change; social-ecological systems; urban ecology

Statistics; Land cover change; social-ecological systems; urban ecology - See more at:
Statistics; Land cover change; social-ecological systems; urban ecology - See more at:

Andre Brito

André Brito
Dairy cattle nutrition; protein metabolism in lactating dairy cows; organic dairy systems

Chris Keim

Chris Keim
Lecturer -- Contract Faculty Equine Studies

shane bradt

Shane Bradt
Aquatic ecology; toxic cyanobacteria; remote sensing of lakes; watershed management; geographic information system (GIS)

Anita Klein

Anita Klein
Molecular population genetics; ecology and evolution of seaweeds

John Burger

John F. Burger
Biodiversity of aquatic insects: biosystematics and ecology of haematophagous Diptera

Ken LaValley

Ken LaValley
Conservation fishing gear technology and seafood safety

Cindy Burke

Cindy Burke
Director of Therapeutic Riding Program

J. Brent Loy

J. Brent Loy

Breeding and genetics of cucurbits; genetics and breeding of Cucurbitaceae

Donald Chandler

Donald S. Chandler
Research on systematics of ant-like litter beetles (Pselaphinae) and ant-like flower beetles (Anthicidae); comparisons of old-growth and managed forests; Curator of the UNH Arthropod Collection

Arthur Mathieson

Arthur C. Mathieson
Marine botany; phycology; ecology of marine macrophyes (seaweeds)

Erik Chapman

Erik Chapman
Research and extension toward responsible stewardship of marine resources

Subhash Minocha

Subhash Minocha
Plant molecular biology and genetic engineering; genetic manipulation of plant metabolism; plant physiology; molecular biology of stress in plants; molecular biology of marine algae

Leslie Curren

Leslie J. Curren
Behavioral ecology with a focus on how evolutionary forces shape social and sexual behavior

Gregg Moore

Gregg Moore
Restoration ecology of temperate and tropical coastal habitats; rare plant species conservation; management of aquatic invasive plants

Thomas Davis

Thomas M. Davis
Plant genetics; gene identification/cloning and genome mapping/evolution

Catherine Neal

Catherine Neal
Ornamental horticulture; nursery production and use of ornamental plants

 Jenn Dykstra

Jenn Dykstra 

Chris Neefus

Chris Neefus
Biostatistics; marine botany/phycology; ecology and systematics of marine macrophytes; aquaculture of marine algae

Alan Eaton

Alan Eaton
Entomology; integrated pest management

Liz Oertel

Liz Oertel
Subject Field Trainer

Peter Erickson

Peter S. Erickson
Dairy cattle nutrition; forage utilization; heifer development

Andrew Ogden

Andrew Ogden
Sustainable and organic production of fruits and vegetables; controlled environmental agriculture; tropical horticulture; Permaculture

Elizabeth Fairchild
Stock enhancement; aquaculture; fisheries biology; marine ecology; hatchery reform; estuarine ecology; essential fish habitat; predator-prey interactions

Sandra Rehan

Sandra M. Rehan
Social behavior, evolution and genetics of bees

Tom Foxall

Thomas L. Foxall
Cellular and molecular basis of atherogenesis; role of lipids, gender and exercise on risk factors and pathology of arterial lesions at various stages of development

Sarah Hamilton Rigg

Sarah Hamilton Rigg
Director of Equine Program

Raymond Grizzle

Raymond E. Grizzle
Ecology of faunal benthos; ecology and aquaculture of bivalve molluscs; environmental ethics

Rebecca Sideman

Rebecca Sideman
Vegetable and small fruit crops; sustainable agriculture; crop improvement and management

 Vanessa Grunkemeyer

Vanessa Grunkemeyer
Animal science of non-traditional species, avian and exotic animal medicine


Diseases of Small Ruminants, Swine, Poultry, and Camelids (Fall semester)

Animal Rights and Societal Issues (Spring semester)

Animal Science Capstone

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Cheryl Smith

Cheryl A. Smith
Plant pathology; plant health

Todd Guerdat

Todd C. Guerdat
Agricultural Engineering

Janet Sullivan

Janet R. Sullivan
Systematic botany; Solanaceae; flora of New Hampshire; herbarium curation

Iago Lowe Hale

Iago Lowe Hale
Specialty crop improvement

Winsor Watson

Winsor H. Watson, III
The behavior and physiology of marine invertebrates; neural basis of animal behavior; use of telemetry to study the behavior of marine organisms